Meet Talos

Why was Talos created?

Talos was originally developed just to be a window into our AI engine as it worked, but then it turned out to be capable of so much more.

Once other MSPs saw it in action, they wanted it just for the ticket management features alone, so we tidied it up and built it out further and continue to create new features.

The Talos solution

In seeing these common issues, we embarked on our journey, creating software that provides solutions to these main pain points.

Integration of Talos on Microsoft Teams with your PSA

The ultimate communication platform that can now intelligently interact between your team and your PSA. Talos creates a collaborative workspace by having all commands and management on one communicative platform. Microsoft teams is the leading collaboration platform for businesses today and serves as a bridge interface for Talos.

Centralizing request management

Talos is built primarily to improve support ticketing systems whilst having functions that integrate across multiple channels. Talos is able to centralize management by having the head engineer control interactions through one channel. This channel enables the engineer to utilize commands that update, distribute and manage tickets.

Automating ticket system processing: Proactive interactions

Talos optimizes operations by eliminating repetitive actions and processing tickets with fewer resources.

Proactive interactions are actions that your team need to be kept up to date, automatically triggered from your PSA into Talos. With Proactive Interactions, Talos will notify your team with new tickets, SLA breaches and all crucial information to quickly process tickets.

Automating Ticket System Processing: Reactive Interactions

Reactive Interactions allow you to automate your daily tasks with Talos commands. Your team can issue commands directly to Talos for quick and easy updates to your Tickets in your PSA. Using simple commands all in a centralized location prevents the need to open multiple windows to complete tasks.

Talos Reactive and Proactive features

Create Tickets

Using a direct command, you can create a ticket easier and quick through Teams. Even on mobile!

Add Notes and Attatchements

Talos now has the ability for a team member to add notes and attach files to ticket requests!

Manager Allocation

Team leaders and managers can get live insights and updates when tickets are idle too long or SLA’s are going overdue.

Recieve Tickets

Receive details into Teams and action it directly with Talos Proactive interactions

Manage Away Staff

Better management of communications with customers when staff are away

Add Feedback

Create feedback and feature requests for future changes/upgrades to Talos

Customer Replies

Receive a quick view of customer replies and suggested processes with Proactive Interactions.

Resolution Exceeded

Talos enables MSP’s to set how long or short the resolution field should be.

Manage Overdue SLA’s

Automatically notifies engineers if they have missed their SLA on their ticket, also sends a notification to the manager

The solution that fits with your existing Helpdesk to make your job easier and the customer experience amazing!