Improve communication with clients through Talos for end-users

Talos support bot for end-users

Talos utilizes machine learning to understand customer conversations and give end-users the ability to create commands using natural sentence structures

Create tickets

Using short sentences, MSPs’ customers can easily ask for help with any IT support issue. Talos will prompt for details to capture the ticket request and will pro-actively notify the engineers or technicians through Talos with the new ticket.

Follow up

Improve relationships with customers by providing them with the agency to follow up on ticket requests with simple natural sentences. Talos will allow customers to select the ticket they want to know information about and generate a response with a brief description of the request’s status and the last note added by the engineer or technician assigned to the ticket.

Add notes

Whenever customers want to add comments or update the information after executing any steps regarding their ticket requests, they can use Talos to add a note to their ticket with a simple card displayed in Teams. Your team will automatically be notified when notes are added from Talos

The next big thing in Customer Service

Latest Service Delivery Insight from tribu

We all know that the current pandemic changed the MSP landscape forever last year. Awesome service delivery is a must in today’s MSP environments. Simplifying Service Desk operations is essential, but it has to be done in way engineering resources can relate to. Amazing customer interaction helps you stand out from the crowd, but it needs to be easy to use. This is where Talos will help…