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Our Vision

To push the boundaries on tech & innovation so that the IT helpdesks and the businesses they support can lead a stress-free, enjoyable and profitable future.

Our Mission

To inspire, lead & enable helpdesks across the globe to discover their true potential that will enable them to deliver amazing customer service.

We are Experienced IT Professionals

IT professionals, for the most part, are a smart bunch. Put a technical issue in front of us, and we’ll get stuck into it with enthusiasm and pleasure – even through the random ‘turn it off and on again’ fixes. But when it comes to our own business practices and customer interaction, it’s just not a problem we want to solve. There are plenty of tools available to make our technical jobs easier. There have been great advancements in security, monitoring and remote administration. For some reason though, we still want to avoid interaction with the end-user and as a result, we’ve driven market demand towards making ‘technical’ work easier, but not the customer service. Those of us that have been at the front line often dread it. Give me a hard problem, leave me alone to solve it, let me come out victorious with a slight

We are culture

With a background in the MSP industry for more than 15 years, you could say we are nerds at heart. Technology is something we just live and breathe, day in day out, which translates directly into our culture. The tribu team need to have the latest widgets, gadgets & games ready at their fingertips. Innovation is in their blood, and working together to solve the largest tech problems, challenge accepted.

Spread around the globe, from Australia across the ditch to NZ, over to the US and the UK, our teams work in a follow the sun methodology, offering diversification allowing ideas to become infectious.

Customer-first focused

Disrupting the IT industry

Innovation curiosity “How far can push the boundaries and discover what is possible”

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