Our innovative journey

In a nutshell

Being part of the IT support industry for 15 years running It support services, we recognized a market gap. We knew there was always a struggle to maintain amazing customer service AND technical interest for staff taking this career path. So we thought, let’s take that pain away for other IT Support providers and allow them to focus on what they love – solutions and problem-solving.

What is level one IT support?

Remember, the original product was focused on level 1 support. What is that, though? Generally speaking, anything that has a straightforward, procedural approach to completing.

Level 1 IT Support requests are usually low-end support issues the client or end-user has. These are the request that most people know about and get frustrated by. These requests are responded to by the level 1 IT support person (answering the client’s call or being the first to respond to their issues), hence the opportunity to add value to this current issue. If the level 1 support person cannot solve the issue quickly, the request is then passed to the next person in line – a Level 2 support person.

Our software Talos currently only has the role of transferring data between the customer and engineer. As we progress, it opens us up to a whole new set of opportunities. AI is big, massive. It will be a matter of focusing and letting the customers pull us in the directions they need. Having your ideas drag us in different directions isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it needs to be managed, and we need to make sure the goalposts remain in the same field.