MSP stress-free

Here at tribu we aim to make running an MSP stress-free and simple. Remove complexity and repetitive shackles to give you freedom in business to have freedom in life.

Improve capabilities

tribu will improve relationships with clients with enhanced customer service capabilities without over resourcing. Gain customers’ trust quicker and easier while providing more opportunities to differentiate yourself in the market.

Better collaboration

Our first product Talos integrates Microsoft Teams with your PSA for better collaboration and easier management of your tickets.

Innovate and automate

Spend less time switching between programs, clicking through windows and wizards to stay up to date with Talos. Communicate, update and automate all from the common interface of Microsoft Teams.

Software to improve your MSP: Introducing Talos

Talos allows MSPs to effectively manage tickets and communicate with customers through its seamless integration between your PSA and Microsoft Teams. Talos can anticipate your needs so that you can spend more time delivering for your customers and less time worrying about how to manage multiple platforms. With Talos, we will foster:

Improvements in customer service

Improvements in task conversions

Consistent communication

Growth in team productivity

Ticket command automation with Talos

Talos works towards predicting and resolving ticket interactions for IT engineers. Create an efficient workflow whilst focusing on larger projects through the management of interactions within Talos:

Manage Staff

Monitor tickets performance

Notify Engineers of Customer Replies

Predict future Responses for Customers

Proactive Community

The most priceless benefit provided here at tribu is our engaging team, relationship with the community and people like you. Here are tribu, we aren’t just determined business owners, we’re innovative people driven by passion and providing innovative technology that can change the world, one customer, at a time.

As a member of our community, you will be the first to witness and receive innovative improvements, and whenever we accomplish an outstanding achievement, we will celebrate together. Better yet, as a member, you can help decide on the upgrades and innovative steps our business should take.

The solution for your Helpdesk enhances productivity with prospects to make an automated workflow!

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